Transparent Company: The Model of the Future


Transparent Company: The Model of the Future

Transparency is the model of the future. But how can companies re-establish trust?

PJ Manning
PJ Manning

All great company/customer relationships are built on trust...

But trusting businesses is becoming harder for many reasons.

That's why we believe being a transparent company will be the model of the future.

Transparent Company Dashboard

Companies spend millions of dollars trying to portray their virtues of diversity, fair pay, eco-friendliness, social responsibility, etc. and stakeholders are left to decipher how true those statements really are...

Luckily, today we have the tools and abilities to simply show people the depth of such claims. From non-profits to corporations - showing stakeholders a simple one-page, transparent company dashboard enables users to view an organizations data for themselves.

Introducing Glassy - the simple company transparency dashboard...

Why would you want to be a transparent company?

There are many good reasons for your company to be transparent, but it's not always blatantly obvious why your business should become a fully open company. So why should your organization become a transparent company?

Simply put, you will...

  • Build trust with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • Attract more and higher quality talent (and avoid employee churn)
  • Create a culture of innovation and sharing
  • Simplify decision making as everyone is on the same page
  • Hold yourself accountable to your company beliefs and values
  • and much more...

Hundreds of companies have already started sharing insights into their metrics and practices. It's only a matter of time before others will follow...

The Benefits of Being Transparent

We believe transparency is not only a good moral act but also an opportunity.

Once a company gains a persons full trust - it's very hard to pull those employees/customers/investors away from that group. It creates a loving bond to that organization that is very hard to break.

A transparent dashboard will show stakeholders how a business is being run, what decisions are being made on their behalf, and whether they're aligned or misaligned to their personal values.

Of course, not all companies would want to do this - but we believe that a transparent company is a confident company. And confidence projects strength - internally and externally.

Examples of transparent company dashboards

Countless companies have spent time and money crafting their own dashboards. They have paved the way for Glassy's simplified one-page dashboard.


Simple Analytics




Visa List



Nomadlist many more

You can check out the amount of companies sharing data at MakerLead.

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