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Nervous about how much data to share? No worries we've got you covered ;)

PJ Manning
PJ Manning

One of the first things business owners, CEO's, and executives get most anxious about when becoming and open startup is whether it's safe for their business to share so much data.

Obviously we never want to you worry about this issue and won't ever ask you to share data you don't want to share, that's why...

Each and every category is completely optional when setting up your transparent company dashboard.

There are 3 different settings for sharing your data...

1. Overall Dashboard Setting

By default your company page will be hidden. If you only want to use the dashboard for personal use that's 100% OK!

You simply set your Public Dashboard setting to hidden and viola!

2. Metric Specific Setting

If you DO want your dashboard to be public - then you simply set your Public Dashboard setting to public.

Within each metric (ie. Financial, Analytics, Salaries, etc.) you can choose to set each metric public or not.

Your dashboard will then be public but ONLY display the specific metrics you've chosen to set to public.

*Note: you can still import and save your data and set the view to hidden.

3. User Specific Setting (coming soon)

As one of our future updates - we plan on allowing only specific-enabled users the ability to view certain metrics.

For example, maybe you only want Employees to be able to view Salaries, but not Financials - and only want Investors to be able to view Financials and not Footprint.

We'll have a release date for you once we know ;)

Future Updates

We have some other updates in mind, but your feedback is most important.

If you have any ideas or improvements in mind please .