Make Your Company
More Transparent

Create an open company culture by being transparent with your investors, employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Why Should Your Company Be Open?

Transparency is key to building trust. The more a customer trusts your company - the longer and stronger your relationship will last. A transparent company is a confident company.

transparent dashboard

One page dashboard

Transparency Made Easy

Creating an open company has never been easier. Using Glassy, you can set up a beautiful dashboard for your stakeholders to view in minutes.

simple metrics

Show, Don't Tell

Simple Metrics

Share simple and straightforward data for complete clarity into your company's operations. Easily convert your customers and investors into die-hard advocates.

open company sharing settings

Easy to customize

Share Only What You Want

Use our simple Public/Private settings to choose which areas of your business you'd like to be transparent with and which you'd like to keep behind closed doors.

A New Way to Be Transparent

Glassy is a new kind of company transparency tool that lets you share everything, without the complicated set-up.


Show your company’s financial progress and performance at a glance, updated regularly.


Share your most important analytics data with your stakeholders.


Give stakeholders insight into your teams salaries and/or equity to strengthen trust


Get users excited about the future of your company and help direct product updates


Show where every $ of customers money goes when they pay for your product/service.


Quantify your carbon footprint and show what impact your business has on the environment


Give stakeholders a view into your company by showing the diversity of your team.


Share your company culture, mission statement, values and more...


Give real-time insights into what customers are saying about your business.


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$10/ mo

This plan is ideal for a startup or personal side project

  • 1 company
  • 5 integrations
  • 10K monthly views
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$150 one-time

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  • 1 company
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$30/ mo

This plan is perfect for larger companies or organizations with multiple entities

  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited monthly views

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